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30 mars 2018
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08 avril 2018
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Spare on chocolate and help save a life

T1 Diams is the NGO supporting those affected by Type 1 Diabetes in Mauritius.

With more than 250 precious children counting on Ti Diams for medical, social and psychological support to live happily, it will be hard for us to inform them they will lose this support because we lack funds to help.

How does T1 Diams help?
Our beneficiaries get 100 TEST STRIPS monthly but need to do at least 5 glucose tests daily. This is what T1 Diams does. Provide medical equipment to Type 1 diabetics to empower them in their self-management

Some beneficiaries don't even have a job or place to live and yet need to manage type 1 diabetes affecting their child. This is what T1 Diams does.Provide socio-economic support

Our beneficiaries DON’T get PSYCHOLOGICAL SUPPORT though BADLY need IT TO FACE A DEADLY DISEASE, EVERYDAY. This is what T1 Diams does. Provide psychosocial support through outreach visits, grouped session etc

Our beneficiaries get insulin but it is useless if they don’t know how to use it. This is what T1 Diams does. Provide personalised therapeutic education through outreach visits, grouped session, diabetes camp etc.

Your assistance is requested. Can you help ?

Juice: 59 82 34 50
MCB Acc: 0000 8105 8810
BARCLAYS Acc: 202 000 576